Our day 1 started in Split the city of architecture where we have seen the magnificent buildings of 4th century AD. There are many churches and we have not seen such a great elevation anywhere in our life time. The church buildings are not similar, which is the best of the city, as there are churches of unique architecture. The people we met there at different places like church, beach and restaurant are Croatia (Croatian) speaking people who have been much amicable to us wherever we went. It was amazing to see that they are always happy to receive and befriend the foreigners. At a restaurant in our dinner we had delicious recipes and tried the favorite and special food of Split that was really yummy.

Back to Dubrovnik

I can’t explain it in words that we had a great time at Dubrovnik on second day, the day I call it as most beautiful because we happened to visit nearby beach that is too close to our lodging. It was just a few minutes of travel to the beach from our lodging and it was amazing to see the scenic beach there. The best of this day and the best of our life time was the yachting experience we had there. We hired a sailing boat and sailed on a beautiful sea that was blissful for us. Wow it is unforgettable forever, I cherish the moments still now. We surely will plan for the next trip.


On the first day we arrived at Dubrovnik and it was cool and fantastic to see such a place for the first time. As soon as we arrived we were taken for lodging to the famous hotel of Dubrovnik. At the hotel we had yummy recipes for our breakfast and we have dreamt that the first day at Croatia would start like this. Later we took a nap and freshened up for kicking various places. We got ready and hired a cab that took to the streets of Dubrovnik where we saw happy people. At some places we took snaps as individuals and as a group and I have to mention Croatia (Croatian) speaking people are friendly and they helped us in various ways. They gave some tips which helped us to save money and also wanderings. Not only Croatia but also the people of Croatia are too great. We wish to go there and have more friends.

The best decision we have ever made regarding touring

Whenever we had to plan for a tour trip, it would be confusing for us and many times and we finally end up in choosing any location randomly. It was good but as far as we visit the same places we started to feel uninterested and stopped touring for the past couple of years. One fine day as I and my friends was chit chatting, one of my friends was surfing online using his smart phone and after seeing a beautiful beach he diverted our conversation to beach destinations. Suddenly an aura on the back of our head struck our mind to choose the best beach destination for touring which will give us the best touring experience.

The best decision we have ever made regarding touring

After this we surfed online and listed the best tourist destinations that we can consider finally we ended up in finalizing Croatia as a destination for our vacation. As soon as we hit the vacation we planned the best we could and got ready for our tour. You may need to know why we chose that place. Interestingly we later realized that we made a best decision ever. Yes it was really great to visit Croatia the one of the finest beautiful destination for touring. We actually decided this place as we came to know that the one of the most beautiful coast line in the world is Adriatic Sea and Croatia is located in the coast lines of Adriatic Sea. If you are planning for touring then don’t hesitate to consider Croatia.